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Dr. Karim Salem

Dr. Karim Salem is an Associate Professor at the School of Business Administration, Economics, and Political Science at The British University in Egypt and a former member of the Egyptian Parliament. Dr. Salem holds Doctorate from the Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences at Cairo University. His Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree, in Business and Public Administration, were received from The American University in Cairo.


Dr. Salem has also served on the faculty of Foreign Trade at Helwan University, on the faculty of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport and was a visiting faculty member at the National University of Public Service in Hungary. He has served as an instructor at The American University in Cairo, the Egyptian Police Academy, and at the Anti-corruption Academy of the Administrative Control Authority.


Representing Heliopolis in the Egyptian Parliament from January 2016 until January 2021, Dr. Salem served on the Education and Scientific Research Committee. Additionally, he served on the Planning and Budgeting, Culture and Media, and on the General Parliamentary Committees. While serving on these committees, he contributed to legislation regarding education, as well as civil service reform, public finance, local government, social empowerment, public enterprise, and economic development. 


Dr. Salem has a keen interest in public policy, education and education reform, and governance. He has contributed to numerous publications, including the Journal of Business Studies, Arab Journal of Political Sciences, INternational Journal of Business and Public Administration, Journal of US-China Public Administration, and the Scientific Journal of Economics and Commerce.


Dr. Salem has been contracted as a strategic development consultant  by several Egyptian government  institutions from 1997 through 2016, as well as several international development organizations including the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme, the United States Agency for International Development, and the Canadian Agency for International Development Agency.