Uptown International School

Chris Wright

Chris Wright is from the United Kingdom and is a well-respected international educator, school administrator, developer, and evaluator of the International Baccalaureate curricular and leadership programmes. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Durham University and a Master’s Degree from the University of London. He has been awarded the Ynys Seli Prize in Education. He is an acclaimed author, editor, and contributor to books on education.

Mr. Wright has been Director of three schools, has worked for the University of London in educational research and teacher education. He currently works as Director of Education for an organisation that operates 50 schools in the United Kingdom.

He has extensive experience of working with the International Baccalaureate Organisation, including:

• Author of a number of their professional development courses
• Chair of authorisation and multi-programme evaluation visits
• A lead developer for new Heads of School and Leading Learning workshops to support the introduction of the new IB Standards and Practices (2020)
• He has been involved in the growth and development of a number of international schools as far afield as Albania, India, and Mexico and is a sought-after consultant all over the world.