Uptown International School

Mission & Vision

UIS Mission

UIS is a community of active, inquiring learners comprising students, parents, and school staff where knowledge, skills, and compassion are developed and celebrated. Our students will develop into responsible citizens of Egypt and the world.

UIS Vision

UIS uses the most effective means of teaching, learning, and assessment to support our students through a challenging and complete international curriculum in order to achieve its mission and values while building and maintaining a caring community where all members have support and a sense of belonging.

UIS Values


 Every learner is a unique, innately curious and important individual who is part of a healthy, safe environment

 Diversity of thought, ideas, and expression are encouraged and learners are mindful and aware of their destination


 The languages of English and Arabic are mastered and French is taught to a high level to strengthen the identity of students as citizens of Egypt and the world

 The arts and athletics allow self-expression and the development of interpersonal skills while presenting opportunities for regional and international understanding and engagement


 The learner community is caring and aware of our responsibilities to each other and the environment, being actively engaged in making the school, Egypt, and the world a better place

 We believe in equality of all people regardless of their ideas, expression, beliefs, and acknowledge and accept differences in people


 We recognise that the context and culture of Egypt are intrinsically part of our identity

• Egyptian culture, history, geography, and context will be integrated into the school’s international curriculum

Knowledge and Skills

 We encourage not only the acquisition of knowledge, but also its development through the application of skills to facilitate deeper and further learning

 Outstanding resources support successful development of knowledge and skills and these include world-class staff in world-class facilities